Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Episode 2: Robert Pratten, Mindflesh and the Changing Face of Film Distribution

Avalard's Box of Obfuscation podcast; series 1 episode 2 -November 2008

A regular look at cult British culture with a strong emphasis on film and television and regular horrorcentric thread.

The second podcast is now available for download...

Robert Pratten, Mindflesh and the Changing Face of Film Distribution

Robert J.E. Simpson talks with British independent filmmaker Robert Pratten about his films London Voodoo and Mindflesh, and the changing face of independent film distribution. Robert Pratten not only financed his own Buddhist horror film, but has launched his own publishing label and is releasing Mindflesh on dvd himself too, breaking away from traditional modes of distribution.

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For more information on Robert Pratten and to order a dvd or download of Mindflesh, go to www.zenfilms.com

Friday, 14 November 2008

Coming up...

Episode 2 of the podcast is nearly in the can, with episode 3 in preparation.

For the second Box of Obfuscation we talk to British filmmaker Robert Pratten about his independently produced features London Voodoo and Mind Flesh and the problems with traditional modes of film distribution. An interesting conversation which looks at Robert's break from the usual marketing methods with the release of Mind Flesh....

All being well, the new podcast should be released some time this coming weekend...