Saturday, 9 May 2009

New series....

A quick apology, and then some good news.

Firstly, apologies that the third Box has taken so damn long to put together. The first couple were invaluable experiences, and work is ongoing on a longer run.

The podcast on British sex-comedies will happen, but I've put it on temporary hold.

This week I should be bringing out the first in a new series of Box of Obfuscation, the first series proper. Expect more interviews, a more diverse group of voices, and a healthy mixture of film, television and music (taking a lead from comments about my written blog... Avalard's Cultural Crisis).

Your comments, feedback and requests are more than welcome and should be sent to

We'll probably loose the 'Avalard' prefix too... as it will be more than my voice you hear from now on, and its far too narcissistic to claim it all for myself.

So please, bear with us and add this blog to your blog readers and rss feeds, for news on the first of the new Boxes....

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